Wheel Alignment: Benefits Of Truck Wheel Alignment

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Oil change, replacing air filters, and other general service tasks are some of the most effective ways to ensure your truck runs smoothly without any problems. But what about wheel alignment, and why is it important?

Wheel Alignment is a term every truck driver hears when they visit their mechanic shop.  It means ensuring all the wheels and tires of your truck are rolling in the same direction. Wheel alignment comes with perks, such as greater fuel efficiency, a smoother ride, and better safety.

Wheels often get out of alignment over time, and the slightest misalignment can impact the performance and handling of the truck. It can also cause breakdown and accidents.

So, when should you get a wheel alignment? Wheels should be aligned every two to three years of using it. However, it is best to opt for a wheel alignment every time you go for an oil change to ensure optimum safety.

In this blog, Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc will explain the benefits of wheel alignment and help you determine when it’s time for wheel alignment to extend your tire lifespan.

Wheel Alignment

Improves Fuel Efficiency

According to research, wheel misalignment can decrease fuel mileage up to 10%. It put pressure on the engine to work a lot harder, which reduces fuel efficiency. Misaligned tires often drag instead of rolling freely, making you spend more money on fuel. But an aligned wheel will help spread the power and torque evenly when driving. These impact the fuel efficiency of your truck.

Better Steering Handling

Steering often becomes harder with misaligned wheels. It can also lead to holding the steering wheel at an awkward angle to drive the truck straight or swerving from side to side. This lack of control can increase breakdown and accidents. Wheel alignment helps to avoid those problems and provides stable control of your truck while driving.

Prevent Future Repair

Driving with a bad alignment causes the truck parts to wear unevenly and prematurely. A little jolt could lead to truck downtime and multiple problems. Bumping into a pothole cause damage over time to the steering, tires, suspension systems, and other parts. These make them break down sooner than they should, causing an expensive auto repair service that is avoidable. Having a wheel alignment can prevent you from shelling out big bucks for repairs in the future.

Extent Tire’s Lifespan

Your tires are an expensive and vital part of the truck that wears out quickly when the wheel is not aligned. And one of the easiest ways to know you have an alignment issue is to look at your tires. There is a good chance your wheels are out of alignment if they are wearing out unevenly or the edges are thinning out more than the middles. Proper wheel alignment provides even wear and extends the tire’s lifespan. Aligned tires work together in harmony and save you from buying new tires sooner than you need to.


Wheel Alignment   

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