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One of the worst things that can happen to trucks while operating is to break down. Unfortunately, occasional mechanical failures are inevitable. Truck breakdowns are a reality every trucking company deals with, and they can be expensive. The price of repairing the truck, replacing faulty parts, towing costs, loss of productivity, and revenue is a lot. Therefore, your business needs to take as many steps as possible to keep its truck and trailers in optimal condition and reduce the frequency and severity of breakdowns.

The good news is that there are ways trucking companies can minimize the chances of experiencing a breakdown. Taking these precautions will ensure smooth delivery and reduce truck breakdown. Continue reading as premium truck and trailer repair inc share proven tips, techniques, and tactics to cut down trailer breakdowns and help keep your trucks up and running for the long haul.

  • Check your truck tires.
  • Regular preventive maintenance services
  • Pre-trip and post-trip inspection


Tires are a part of the truck that usually does not get a close-up inspection. According to reports, 20% of roadside breakdowns in the United States are due to tire issues. Therefore, checking your truck tire before hitting the road is very important.

Uneven tire wear can be related to tire pressure issues, alignment, or suspension. While properly pumped tires provide better fuel economy, traction, and longevity. A tire blowout can be very dangerous and cause accidents on the highway. So, avoid it by inspecting your tires often. It is essential to also lookout for early signs of significant tire damage. These include cracks, bald spots, and tread damage.


Although costly, it avoids many breakdown issues. It also produces savings for your business by reducing the frequency and severity of breakdowns. Regular preventive maintenance services are about understanding your truck and ensuring they have complete servicing when required.

Preventive maintenance is also compulsory if your fleet is constantly hitting the road and under heavy usage. Additionally, the cost of maintenance service is trivial compared to the enormous costs of an unexpected breakdown.


Having pre-trip and post-trip inspections can never be underestimated. All breakdowns do not occur because of insufficient preventive maintenance. Sometimes, issues like dirty oil and underinflated tires can develop quickly, resulting in a blowout at the worst possible time. Environmental factors such as storms, rain, and weather conditions can affect your truck. These can also affect tire pressure, coolant, and other parts. The best way to avoid these problems is by carrying out a detailed pre-trip and post-trip inspection on your truck tires, electronics, brakes, tire pressure, oil, and engine coolant.

Pre-trip inspection allows you to take proper action to fix the problem before it becomes a problem. Developing a powerful pre-trip and post-trip inspections routine can be your first line of defense in discovering the early signs of truck issues. Ensuring these inspections are done correctly and holding your team accountable is crucial to your business’s success.


Truck breakdowns are inconvenient and expensive, but performing maintenance and inspection services can help mitigate them. Checking your truck brakes, tires, electrical connections, oil, and other parts for specific signs of damage can make a difference before they reach critical failure status.

Do you need maintenance and repair services to help your trucks get back on the road? We got you covered at premium truck and trailer repair inc. Contact us today to get started on repairing your trucks from the best repair service provider in the United States.


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