Truck Tire Change: When Do You Need A Truck Tire Change?

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Tires are one of the most commonly overlooked and unmaintained parts of the truck. They are a vital part of a truck that links it to the road. Therefore, they need regular upkeep to avoid accidents, breakdowns and keep them running. But knowing when you need Truck Tire Change can be difficult to discern. Especially for truck drivers who are not mechanics.

The expense of Truck Tire Replacement may tempt you to hang on to your old tires. But, driving on worn-out tires can compromise your safety and other road users. Read on as Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc explain ways you can tell your tires are expiring.

Truck Tire Change

Excessive Shaking

Vibrations are normal and often caused by an out-of-balance or defective tire, a bent wheel, worn drive line U-join, Loose clamps, and broken hangers. Loose clamps often lead to the frequency with your engine, and broken hangers cause the swaying of the entire exhaust system.

Vibration is felt through the seat, steering wheel, brake pedal, and other parts. It also indicates there might be something wrong with your truck or tire. Therefore, taking it to a mechanic for inspection and Truck Tire Change can stop the excessive shaking.

Different Tread Depth

Trucks experience traction on the road through tire tread. Having no traction can be dangerous when driving on wet or icy roads. Also, insufficient tread causes skidding and loss of control. Having tires with different tread depths can make the truck difficult to handle. It can also affect wheel alignment. One way to determine if your tire tread is not below 1/16 inch is to ask your mechanic to check it for you. You can also check it at home by using a penny.

Damaged Tire

Tires can damage no matter how they are well maintained and age. Damages are most noticeable in the tire sidewall of the tires. Cracks in the sidewall could indicate your tires are underinflated or leaking.

A weak tire show signs through a bump on the side of the tire. These bumps can cause your tire to blow out if not addressed. Other signs of damage include bulges, blisters, and many more. Have you noticed any bulges or cracks appearing on your tires? Schedule Truck Tire Replacement to be safe while driving.

Tire Age

Tire manufacturers have different ideas as to when tires need replacement. However, a good age to replace your tires is between four to six years. While tread shows how your tires are doing, there may be internal issues that you can’t see with the naked eye. These may impact your safety and the safety of other people on the road.

Additionally, many people buy used tires without knowing their age or condition. These situations can put drivers at higher risks for accidents because of their tires. Are your tires older than five years? It is time to take them to a professional mechanic to determine if they are still safe to drive on.


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