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Trucks are not particularly complex or sophisticated machines as imagined by many people. That said, they still require a certain amount of repair and maintenance. Failure to take care of them properly can lead to their deterioration. Also, truck maintenance services improve your truck’s performance while increasing its lifespan. Additionally, it is crucial to repair or replace any damaged parts when performing this regular maintenance. Read on as premium truck and trailer inc explain how to keep your trucks in safe working condition.


Regular maintenance includes the inspection of vital and non-vital components. It minimizes premature wear and reduces the risk of sudden breakdowns. Also, routine maintenance avoids unplanned downtime. Therefore, you must ensure your trucks are serviced at required intervals. So, schedule weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual truck maintenance. Also, check your manufacturer’s manual to know the required maintenance procedures.


It is paramount to perform regular inspections on components vital to the truck’s proper function. This inspection is not limited to enormous truck components. But a wide range of small parts as well. Allowing these components to fail is the fastest way to incur damage. Here are examples of the part to inspect:

Truck tires

According to statistics, tires cause a lot of breakdown incidents on highways. Therefore, you must always inspect them before heading out.

Doing a pre-trip on the tire pressure is also paramount. Underinflated tires are prone to blowouts, and overinflated tires cause steering problems. Tire pressure also affects truck fuel economy. Therefore, check your owner’s manual for the correct pressure and always keep the tire pressure at the right level.

Fluid level

Checking your truck fluid levels is crucial before and after every trip. These ensure your engine does not run out of radiator fluid or engine oil.

Keeping the correct coolant and engine oil level is essential for your diesel engine to work efficiently. It is to avoid getting stuck on the highway with no fuel station within miles of its range. It also prevents unexpected breakdowns significantly.

Electrical system

Trucks draw a considerable amount of power from their batteries and alternator. An insufficient electrical system slows down the truck’s performance. It also leads to breakdown and hefty repair costs. Therefore,  ensure the battery is fully charged and has the manufacturer’s recommended capacity. A bad battery can lead to vital engine shutdown and keep your truck out of operation. Also, keep the cables and wires clean, intact, and corrosion-free. These avoid short circuits, faulty lights, and system failures.

Coolant and engine oil

Driving with a  clogged coolant or oil is dangerous to the truck engine. So, ensure the coolant and engine oil are at an optimal level.

Truck brake

The immense friction, pressure, and constant heat absorbed by the brakes make them susceptible to severe damage,  one of the main reasons for truck breakdowns. But regular maintenance help to discover any problem with the brake and solve it quickly.


Washing and cleaning off grime, dirt, and residue helps the truck to look and perform its best. Using cleaning solutions and detergents helps make the process more efficient. Avoid corrosive products or high-pressure sprayers, as they can damage the trailer’s finish or paint job. Also, you can take your truck to a professional washer for adequate cleansing.


Every truck moving part creates friction, building up heat in components. So, keep the parts well-oiled with the right oil to reduce wear and tear. Also, ensure the oils are properly applied. Purchase high-quality lubricants as they perform better and last longer than budget brands. Also, pay close attention to the wheel bearings and other specific components. Furthermore, check your truck’s user manual to know the best type of oil.



Many truck maintenance centers have start-ups and pack-ups over the years. They usually have cheaper labor rates with no experience. In addition, they will do whatever it takes to get you into their shop and drain your pocket, only to have unfinished repair. Therefore, ensure you choose a repair shop with many years of experience in the industry.


Many great resources are available online for finding a reputable maintenance and repair shop. Google usually has the most reviews about any business. But you can not depend on only Google reviews. Take some time to check the company’s website. Also, call your friends in the industry and ask for a suggestion and recommendations.


A repair shop must have certification and train its mechanics constantly to keep up with rapid changes in technology. Therefore, ensure the company has the proper license and state-of-the-art equipment. Also, ensure they h\give their customer’s warranty. These show they know they are providing the best service and are happy to support their work with a guarantee!


Trucks are valuable tools in your business. They also play a vital role in your business’s success. They also offer you an enormous return on your investment, but only if you take care of them. And one of the best ways to do this is by performing truck maintenance services. Contact premium truck and trailer repair inc for all your truck repair and maintenance services. Our team of mechanics is well-experienced and has expertise in handling trucks.


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