Truck Repair Services: Tips To Maintain Truck Battery Life

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Truck batteries undergo severe temperature fluctuations during their lifespan. The immense heat from the truck engine can rapidly deteriorate the battery capacity. Also, batteries often last up to five to six years in cold weather conditions. But their lifespan reduces during hot weather conditions. Therefore, the best way to maintain it is by scheduling truck repair services with a professional repair company. These ensure your truck battery is in good condition, and you can hit the road with confidence.

Your truck battery is continuously charged by the alternator when the truck is working. But it gradually loses its charge when parked or idle for several days. The continuous occurrence of such scenarios can affect its lifespan. It also deteriorates the battery, leaving the trucks vulnerable to sudden breakdowns. Read on as Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc explain the tips to maintain truck battery life.

Truck Repair Services


The engine often recharges the battery while driving. Therefore, short trips will not allow the battery to regain its lost power because it prevents truck batteries from fully charging. Driving a vehicle for a short distance frequently also reduces the battery voltage until it can no longer start the truck. You need to maintain your truck battery power by driving it for extended periods. And if you don’t use your commercial vehicle very often, consider investing in a battery charger to help maintain the correct voltage.


One of the best ways to extend the lifespan of your truck batteries is by keeping them clean. Do not allow dirt to assemble on the battery surface. Avoid dust in the battery casing because it can drain the battery charge. Dust and dirt can also result in a short circuit that could make the battery dead. The battery terminals often corrode over time, so it is paramount to clean the terminals with the help of a brush to reduce dirt-related corrosion.


Exposure of truck batteries to extreme heat affects their lifespan and makes the fluids in the battery evaporate. These also happen with new sealed batteries. Batteries do not need much charge during winters to start the truck. But they can sometimes fail even during winters due to the damage already done during the summer season. Therefore, you need to protect your truck batteries during the summer season. These include parking in a shady place, a garage, or under a tree.


An untightened battery vibrates, and excessive vibration often damages its internal components leading to short circuits. Therefore, always use an approved battery clamp to ensure it is stable. Also, check your battery terminal regularly if you frequently drive on bumpy roads to ensure it is well tightened and positioned in the mounting bracket.


Your truck comprises many parts, and they all work together. Scheduling a maintenance service and repairing any damaged part are also simple ways to ensure your battery’s lifespan can reach its capacity. The battery is just a component of a well-running truck, so ensure you properly maintain the parts to extend its life and the life of your battery.


Truck Repair Services   

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