Trucks and trailers are an essential part of the supply chain for many items. Many businesses rely on them for deliveries and haulage across the country.

Problems with them can be highly inconvenient and lead to unplanned breakdowns and repair. It also costs your business a great deal of time and money. Thus, keeping them in a roadworthy condition and remaining compliant with any regulations is paramount.

Being aware of the warning signs to look out for and detecting an issue earlier is one way to help avoid costly repairs and prevent damage. Maintenance and repairs are also necessary from time to time to reduce breakdown and increase longevity. With this in mind, read on to learn more about different maintenance services that keep your trucks and trailers in good working condition.

  • Oil and brakes check
  • Battery change
  • Tire change


Every engine needs a regular oil check to prevent early wear down. Oil inefficiency increases engine friction, fuel consumption and ultimately leads to engine failure. Changing the oil maintains the lubrication of the engine components. It also removes engine wear particles and sludge. These improve gas mileage and engine functionality.

The brakes are essential mechanical aspects of a truck. They are the driving force and allow you to slow down, make safe turns, and stop. So, the best way to increase safety is by taking them for regular maintenance and repair services. This help reduces problems in the future and saves you time, money, and stress in the long run.


A battery gives life and gives power to all the electrical components. Batteries often lose their ability to hold a charge over time due to extreme weather conditions and driving habits. Other problems can indicate your battery is reaching the end of its useful life and needs replacement. If the battery is dead, it causes inconvenience and may leave you stranded somewhere. That’s why it’s essential to look out for warning signs to know when your truck needs a battery change.


Truck tires work hard every time and become worn down as they age. Waiting too long to get your tires replaced can put you in danger. Driving on worn-out tires can compromise the ability of your tires to grip the road and cause breakdown. It is also a safety hazard for you and other road users. Knowing when to replace your tires can be difficult, but scheduling truck and trailer repair services will help detect any problem with your tire. Your mechanic will be able to inform you when it is required to have a tire change.


Truck and trailer services help keep you safe on the road. These comprehensive and proactive services also keep them working, increase functionality, efficiency, and save costs. Maximize uptime through regular maintenance with Premium truck and trailer repair Inc. We provide breakdown services, truck repair services, trailer repairs services, and other services. Our dedicated mechanics use the best tools to diagnose and repair your trucks


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