Trailer Repair Services: Maintenance Tips To Avoid Constant Trailer Repair Services

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Trailers are a valuable asset in the trucking industry that needs protection and regular maintenance. A well-maintained trailer will reach its optimum performance, leading to increased efficiency in your operations. Regular trailer repair services prevent costly repairs in the future and extend the lifetime of your trailer.

While you can perform basic maintenance tasks yourself, leave the complex ones to a specialist in trailer maintenance.

Trailers operate under extreme conditions and require maintenance and trailer repair service. With many years of experience diagnosing and repairing trailers, Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc explain maintenance tips to avoid constant trailer repair services that help spend more time on the road.

Trailer Repair Services


Truck tires are the only part that touches the ground and a vital part of the truck. Truck tires need attention and adequate air pressure to last longer. Maintaining proper tire pressure is essential when driving as they are very costly to replace or repair. Hence, always check your regulator pressure once every quarter and your power fuse every month.

Ensure they are at the manufacturer’s specifications with and without loads. Also, check your tire for tire wear caused by faulty suspension, undercarriage, axle alignment, or shock absorbers. Failure to do so can cause them to wear down quickly, and you will have to replace them prematurely.


Trailers have many moving parts that create friction as they interact with one another. Keeping them lubricated is vital to fight the effects of friction.  Lubricant reduces the chance of wear and tear, which can lead to failure. Always choose lubricant with a thickening rating for your application. Know where all the grease fittings are to help adds enough to purge the old grease and debris. Apply them properly to avoid missing any areas.  When applying lubricant to sealed components, you will need a grease gun for added pressure.


Trailers often haul heavy payloads that put pressure on their brake. So, it is vital to ensure the braking system is functioning well. Manufacturers also give specifications on the range of intervals to check your brakes. Therefore, if you experience pulsating brakes, noisy wheel bearings, or differences in braking pressure, you need to take your trailer to a certified mechanic for inspection and trailer repair services. DIY brake repairs can be dangerous, and it is best to contact a professional right away. They have the knowledge and specialized tools to do the job fast.


Trailer light is an essential part of the trailer that needs special attention. They help truck drivers navigate the road at night and also give signals to other road users. Therefore, you need to ensure your brake lights, taillights, and turn signals are working well.  Faulty light can cause dead lamps or a wiring issue, leading to a safety hazard, accidents, and many more.

They are dangerous at night, during snowstorms, and winter season. You could also get pulled over or penalized for having defective lights. Hence, always test all your trailer lights before hitting the road. Look out for signs of condensation within light assemblies and housings as this can destroy electrical connections.


Trailer Repair Services   

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