Trailer DOT Inspection: Understanding Trailer DOT Inspections

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Are you new to the trucking industry and wondering what to expect in a trailer DOT inspection? Well, Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc have all the answers you need. A DOT inspection is a check-up done on all commercial vehicles that weigh over 10,000 pounds by a qualified DOT inspector. These ensure the trailers and drivers are in good operating condition and are safe to transport freight across state lines.

Created to ensure the United States of America has the safest, most efficient, and most modern transportation system. That means providing safety standards for trailers to operate safely on the road. Therefore, before purchasing a trailer, make sure you are prepared to adhere to the Trailer DOT inspection guidelines.

Continue reading as Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc walk you through what you need to understand about DOT trailer inspection and its requirements.

What Are Trailer DOT Inspections?  

The DOT inspections are often associated with commercial vehicles that weigh 10,000 pounds and above. And trailers under these criteria must also adhere to the regulations. They need to pass a trailer DOT inspection every year done by the Department of Transportation inspector or a state police officer. These ensure the trailers and drivers are safe to travel across the state lines. It is also to protect other vehicles and drivers on the road. Companies with proper certification can carry out Trailer DOT inspections for trucking companies and individuals. But trailers can still be pulled over by a DOT inspector if they suspect any fault.

Who Can Perform Trailer DOT Inspections?

The FMCSA is responsible for supervising trailer inspections. The State troopers and other certified companies can also perform the DOT inspections.

Where To Do Trailer DOT Inspections?

Trailer DOT Inspection can happen in various places. These include the following:

A certified location:  If your trailer needs its yearly inspection.

By the roadside: These can be done by a DOT inspector if they see a potential violation and opt to pull the driver over for inspection. These can happen anywhere on the road and varies from state to state.

How To Pass Trailer DOT Inspections?

All you need to do is to keep your trailers and paperwork in good order. Inspect your trailer before, during, and after each trip to ensure everything is in good working condition. Having trailer preventive maintenance can help you avoid many problems that will trigger a DOT problem before they even start. Furthermore, make sure your trailer equipment is clean and ready for official inspection. Also, ensure your freight is loaded well and your USDOT number visible.


Trucking companies receive different results from a Trailer DOT inspection depending on the condition of their trailers.

These include:

  1. No violations: This implies the trailer is in good condition and safe to operate across state lines.
  2. Not Out of Service: This indicates the trailer has a minor fault and needs repair as soon as possible.
  3. Out Of Service: This shows that the trailer is not fit to operate across state lines.

Trailer DOT Inspection   

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Trailer DOT Inspection

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