Trailers need dependable batteries to perform their jobs. Batteries provide the power to crank and start the trailers while running several electrical components. It also helps truck drivers get to their destinations and deliver their load safely. If a battery fails while driving, it can lead to accidents, costly repair, inconvenience as it could leave you stranded in a dangerous zone. Therefore, it is essential to inspect the trailers and perform trailer battery repair before hitting the road.

Poor maintenance can contribute to battery wear out and accelerated failure. These make the battery gradually loses its capacity to perform. Trailer batteries also have a limited life span, and their longevity depends on several variables. These include hot or cold climates, journey lengths, the performance of your vehicle’s charging circuit, and many more.

Here, Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc take us through tips to consider if you want to maintain your trailer batteries.

Trailer Battery


Inspecting your trailer batteries is very important, especially for truck drivers traveling a long distance. Check its charge, battery connection, and many more. Ensure the hold-downs and battery connections are secure. If there is a problem, it’s best to turn to a trailer batteries repair shop with the appropriate testing equipment. Lastly, if the battery is old, consider replacing it. It is better than risking driving with a damaged battery because it can lead to costly emergency repairs.


Dirty and unmaintained batteries will most likely suffer from battery corrosion. These obstruct proper connection between the battery terminal and cables. This faulty connection affects the trailer components and can leave you with a poor running trailer.

Debris deposit at the top of the battery can also cause the battery to experience a parasitic discharge. Cleaning the battery terminals using a mixture of water and baking soda helps avoid battery corrosion.


Vibration is one of the causes of battery problems, and it reduces the life of your trailer battery. Therefore, you must ensure it is held down properly with an approved battery clamp. Batteries that are not well fastened suffer from excessive vibration. These could damage the battery’s internal components, creating short circuits. However, be careful not to over-tighten the battery clamp nuts because it might damage the battery.


Scheduling battery repair services is the key to keeping your battery strong for a long time. Check it regularly with a company that specializes in trailer battery repair services. Doing this will help you know if the battery can produce enough power every day to make scheduled deliveries for your business.


Heat increases the rate of water that evaporates from the battery cells.  Parking your trailer in shaded or covered areas helps to avoid heat and extend its lifespan. When storing your batteries, it is necessary to check the manufacturer’s recommended storage temperature. You can also insulate the battery from heat generated within the engine bay. 


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