Tire Change: The Best Time To Change Your Truck And Trailer Tires

Tires are an important part of a truck and it is the link that connects the vehicle and the road. The trailer and truck tires often need constant and diligent upkeep and as a trailer owner, you want to keep track of your tires to avoid any form of emergencies on the road. Although you can take care of your tire on your own, however, other aspects of maintenance often need a professional touch. These include Tires Change, Wheel Alignment, Wheel Balancing, Wheel Refinishing, Wheel Straightening, Wheel Air Filling, and many more. Therefore, do not hesitate to bring your truck or trailer to Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc for a professional check-up.

While it is important to get professional help, it is also essential to know how to perform some task on your own. These include Tire Change, Wheel Installation, Wheel Changing, and others. The process is pretty simple and straightforward. Read on as The Premier Truck And Trailer Repair Inc walk you through when and how to change your tire and also recognizes when you need professional help.

Why You Need To Change Your Trailer Or Truck Tire

Many people only change their tires when they get flat. Although, a flat tire is inevitable and we’ve all experienced it at one time or the other, however, you can also make silly mistakes that can cause a flat tire. It can also happen due to circumstances beyond your control. Here are the common reasons you have a flat tire.

Gradual Air Loss

All tires are gradually losing air. It doesn’t matter if they are being used by the truck or left sitting idle in the store. Over time, this will cause a  tire to go flat especially if you do not inflate it.


Let’s say a trailer driver drives over a nail or other sharp object in the road. This nail or sharp object might stick into the trailer tire. This will lead to punctures, a tiny hole in a tire resulting in an escape of air which makes the tire flat. Therefore, it is important to be careful while driving and avoid sharp objects. But as we all know, nobody wants to drive over a sharp object on purpose.


Truck and trailer tires often get old when used for a long period. The tires only last for about four years if used consistently and will start cracking if you do not change them.


If you park your trailer outside or keep it in a lot for a very long time, its tires will be baking in the sun for hours every day. The sun exposure for a long time will lead to weather-related cracking which can cause a flat tire. Save your tire from cracking by keeping them away from the sun.

Wrong Usage 

Sometimes, truck owners and drivers think they can cut corners by using tires designed for ordinary cars on their trucks. However,  this is a poor idea as regular tires are not designed to carry trailer-sized loads and will lead to flat tires.

Low Air Pressure 

Uninflated tires that are not at their maximum internal pressure often overheat. This is more common if they are carrying heavy loads most especially in cases of trucks and trailers. When they overheat too quickly, they will become flat and need replacing. Prevent this from happening by visiting The Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc today, to make sure your tire is fully inflated before driving your truck or trailer.


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