The Causes Of Diesel Engine Repair And Gasoline Engine Repair

Diesel engines have been around for many years but weren’t in use until Mr. Cummings, one of the major diesel engineers of the era, used them to complete a cross-country road trip. Many people begin to realize the power of diesel engines as an alternative to gasoline engines in vehicles.

The diesel engine is a bit different from a gasoline engine, but both are reliable, last longer, and often offer better fuel economy. Although there are similarities in how these two engines operate, they also have major differences.

Some of these differences are common problems that may lead to a need for Gasoline Engine Repair or Diesel Engine Repair for your commercial vehicle. Read on as Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc takes us through the causes of Diesel Engine Repair and Gasoline Engine Repair.

Diesel Engine Repair

Here are the problems that lead to Diesel Engine Repair:-

Damaged Glow Plugs

Instead of creating an electrical explosion with a spark plug, diesel vehicles make use of glow plugs to generate warm air. The warm air is then compressed with the diesel fuel to generate force used in pumping the piston. The heating elements used by glow plugs are similar to those used by a toaster and can go bad. If this happens, it might lead to cranking and be extremely difficult or impossible to start your commercial vehicle.

Power Loss 

The most common reason for the power loss in a diesel engine is related to fuel delivery problems. The major fuel filter, found between the fuel tank and the fuel injection is designed to remove excess water and other impurities from the fuel. These impurities are then collected in the fuel filter bowl. Failure to drain this bowl regularly might lead to engine power loss.

Bad Battery 

Diesel engines place a huge load on the starter and draw a large amount of amperage from the battery because of their high compression ratio. This often puts a lot of stress on the battery which can make it die. Cold weather and poor connection also cause longer engine cranking, damaging the battery and leading to Diesel Engine Repair.

Wrong Engine Oil

One of the most common causes of engine problems is the use of wrong engine oil within the motor. It is very important to know the type of oil to use at each time of the year. During winter, you might need to use multi-weight engine oil, while summers might require a single-weight oil. This is necessary if you want your truck engine to function well.

Gasoline Engine Repair 

Here are the problems that lead to Gasoline Engine Repair:-


The combustion that happens inside the gasoline engines produces heat enough to melt and bend metals.  Fortunately, the gasoline engines also have a cooling system that prevents this from happening. The cooling system achieves this by removing and dissipating excess heat from the engine block.

If the cooling system of your truck is damaged or the engine head gasket has blown, the engine will overheat. This might damage the engine and leads to Gasoline Engine Repair.

The best way to avoid this problem is to stop driving and allow the truck to cool down. Increase the truck’s Rotation Per Minute (RPM) while parked because it will help increase the engine’s coolant flow. You can also switch off the engine if you notice the coolant is dropping under the car.

Low Engine Oil Level

The oil in the engine plays a significant role. It helps in lubricating the moving part of the engine to avoid overheating and damage due to friction. If the oil in the engine is low, it can cause engine damage.


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