Side Panels Repair: Side Panels Repair And Its Importance

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Road accidents can be very threatening and critical even if it is minor. If you’ve dented part of your truck door or lost your side mirror due to a sideswipe collision, it is an indication that you urgently need to get your Side Panels Repair done.

Some truck drivers leave the damage when they notice it is not severe. But it is always advisable to repair any type of damage as soon as possible. This is because it can lead to further mechanical problems and also compromise the structural integrity of the truck.

Side panel damage occurs when a truck driver attempts to drive through a small or tight spot but fails. It also happens when a truck driver or another road user sideswipes the truck. Side collisions are often annoying when caused by another driver due to carelessness. However, it is more frustrating when you scrape your truck through a concrete pillar or wall.

Dealing with the result of side panel damage is very stressful and complex no matter how it happens. But you can relieve your stress by contacting Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc. have vast experience in Side Panels Repair and we get it done on time.

Causes Of Side Panel Damage

Potential damages are always lurking around on the road as trucks travel for many miles. Trucks face threats on the road, this is why it is important to always prevent damage from happening. Drivers should also be aware of what can cause damage to the truck side panel and try to avoid them. Here are common causes of side panel damage


Collision is the major cause of side panel damage. It often leads to massive damage to the side panel of the truck and it might be worse if it’s a high speed collision. To fully restore the truck side panel to normal, you need to take your truck to professional repair services like Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc to perform Side Panels Repair services.

Careless Driving 

Many side panel accidents occur when drivers misjudge their surroundings. This happens when drivers are in a hurry especially when there is huge traffic and want to pass through a small spot. This fails and causes side panel damage.

Why You Should Repair Your Side Panel

It Improves Safety

Safety is the most important factor when it comes to truck maintenance. The smallest damage can lead to structural damage that isn’t obvious on the surface. This can compromise truck safety and cause an accident which can be life-threatening or stop the truck from hauling for a very long time. This will affect the company’s revenue and also cost more money for repair.

It Reduces Truck Value 

The exterior appearance of a truck is a very important factor no matter the quality of its engine. A bad exterior is often a sign of neglect and improper maintenance by the owner which can reduce the value of the truck if you plan to sell it in the future.

When a potential buyer realizes the truck side panel is not good, he might wonder if the interior parts of the truck are in good condition which can lead to price reduction.


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