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It doesn’t matter how careful you drive or how well you take care of your truck. You will probably end up with a bent side panel at one point. Truck dents are unpredictable and can occur for different reasons. These include somebody hitting your nose panels or a careless driver bumping into you during a traffic jam and putting an unsightly dent in your truck body.  Many people have no idea how the scratch got there, and some walk to their truck after delivery and realize they need side panel repair.

Do you want to repair your truck side panel yourself or take it to a professional mechanic? The best way is to fix it as soon as possible. That way, you avoid costly repair in the future and stop postponing when you will fix it. In addition, Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc explain why you should repair your truck side panel.

Side Panel Repair


Dent cause unsightly scars or scratches on your truck paint. Fractures caused by the impacts of dent allow water to pass through the truck paints and reach the unprotected metal part of the truck. The metal will oxidize after some time, causing rust spots. Smaller rust is often unnoticed until they expand in size, making it bigger. These are unsightly compared to the original dent.


The exterior part of a truck is a crucial factor when reselling it. No one wants to purchase a partly bent or rusted truck. Therefore, things like unrepaired dents, rust spots, scratches, paint damage, and others can lower the value of your truck. The price the buyer is willing to pay also goes down after seeing it.

Furthermore, unrepaired dents and paint damage are signs of a neglectful owner and improper maintenance. Potential buyers may doubt the functionality of the truck engine, brakes, and other parts. Hence, fixing the slightest problem can be a simple step to increase the value of your truck.


If there are scratches on your truck, it will destroy the paint over time, and you will need paint repair. These involve scheduling a repair service with a professional truck mechanic. These can lead to postponing the repair. Ignoring the paint damage will invariably get worse, leading to further damage to the paint.

Weather conditions, continuous wear-and-tear, truck cleaning, and washing can also cause the cracks in the paint to grow larger. These can cause flaking and peeling, exposing the underlying sealant. Peeling paint can also leave the bare metal exposed. Once the metal is exposed, it starts to rust after some time.


Safety is paramount when it comes to truck repair and maintenance. A small problem can mask underlying structural damage that is not visible on the surface. If you get into any collision or accident that damages the side panel, nose panel, or nose rail of your truck, it could cause a bigger problem if not repaired.  It can also lead to instability that could compromise your safety, causing an accident.


Side panel Repair   

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Side panel Repair

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