Truck Repair Service

At Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc, we provide a wide assortment of truck repair services and maintenance. Among our services, heavy-duty truck repairs are our specialty. We take pride in serving our customers with excellent, long-lasting repair and offer our services in Stockton and the Bay area. You can count on our highly skilled mechanics who truly care about the performance of your truck and have the expertise to handle most truck repairs and maintenance works without any hassle.

We understand your need to find fast, accurate, and valuable information when it comes to handling a breakdown. This is why we conduct a comprehensive diagnostic test on your truck and you can always rely on us for honest, and competent work. We work hard to detect problems quickly and accurately. We will carefully explain what it will take to get you back on the road again and provide a complete written estimate for the repair services. If you are looking for a full-service center for truck repair services for all kinds of makes and models, Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc can be your one-stop solution for all your trucking needs. We strive to solve the issue at the earliest so that we could help you reduce your downtime.

You can trust us for all your fleet maintenance, service & repair needs. Regular maintenance will not only keep your trucks running fast, but it will also prolong their lives and give you a better fuel economy. To reap the benefits of low cost and energy savings, we will keep your trucks tuned for you. So whenever you find yourself in need of an experienced and reliable commercial truck mechanic in Stockton, look towards Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc., it’s a place where your trucks get looked over from top to bottom.



      Truck productivity often drops, and safety risks increase when its air conditioning system is not operating at peak efficiency. Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. provide truck AC heating and cooling diagnostic services. Working to perfect truck air conditioning systems over the years has given us the knowledge we have. Our trained mechanics are professionals with experience. These allow them to diagnose problems with air conditioning systems in all kinds of trucks. We have the personnel and expertise to get your truck AC working right. Whether you need a complete cooling or diagnostic service, we are here to help.


      Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. AC recharging services are the best in Stockton. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our customers. Our focus is on offering solutions that lower operational costs and maximize the potential of your trucks. Our mechanics are ready to accurately diagnose the problem and identify the most efficient solutions to get your trucks back in good operation all year round. We are your best choice when it comes to truck AC recharging.


    The radiator is one of the most critical parts of your truck cooling system that monitors and regulates the engine’s temperature. These prevent it from overheating. Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. have decades of experience with radiator services and replacement. Our experienced and well-trained mechanics will identify the problem and the overall condition of your truck’s cooling system. We will ensure your engine is at its optimal performance level.


    Is the kingpin in your truck broken or damaged? Have you noticed your steering system acting weird? It may be time for a kingpin replacement. Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. provide kingpin repair and replacement services. Our mechanics will quickly and accurately diagnose the issue and resolve it. Authenticity is our brand, and we will bring you complete and genuine service with a smile. Our customers trust us because we are professional, quality-oriented, expert, and reliable.


    Leaf Springs are components of the trailer’s suspension system. It provides support for a smooth, reliable ride. Exposure to harsh elements, carrying heavy loads, and driving on rough roads often weakens the spring’s structure. Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. offer complete leaf spring and bushing services for trucks of all makes and models. We also provide maintenance services to help fix your truck problem and keep your downtime to a minimum.


    Shocks often wear out over time, and it’s hard to notice. Therefore, getting your shocks replaced after 50,000 miles ensures optimum handling and comfort of your truck. Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. provide different types and sizes of truck shock. We offer a full range of shock replacement and repair services.


    Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. is your one-stop-shop for your DPF baking and filter cleaning. We employ state-of-the-art technology to purge impurities from your truck’s filters. These remove all the ash deposits and make it possible to detect failing filters. Our proper DPF baking and filter cleaning services enhance your fuel economy while extending the life of your filter. Lower your overall repair costs with planned maintenance from Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc.


    Truck transmission is designed to last longer. However, it will wear out eventually, and the only option is a good transmission repair service. Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. provide truck transmission and repair services. We perform diagnostics to pinpoint the issue and quickly resolve it at a cost lower than buying new ones. Let us handle the transmission service and repair of all your medium and heavy-duty trucks.


    You shift into gear, let off the clutch, and hit the gas pedal to pull into traffic. But you realize your truck does not seem to be going anywhere. Do not panic! You only need some clutch maintenance. Get affordable clutch adjustment service from Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. Our experienced mechanics will check the operating linkage of your clutch to help you avoid early failure and keep your trucks performing in utmost condition.


    Today’s diesel engines run at higher temperatures. These cause fuel to escape into the intake manifold and down to the intake valves when an injector seal leaks. Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. offer industry-leading injector seal services. We use high-quality fuel injector seals that can withstand heat and pressure. Let us enhance your truck capabilities at any level.


    Truck windshield wipers are one of the vital safety features of your truck. It removes rain, snow, dirt, pollen, frost, and other debris quickly and smoothly from the windshield. At Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc., we know the importance of windshield wipers and wiper motors. Our mechanics will help replace your truck’s windshield wipers hassle-free without delay


    Your trucks represent your company, so you must protect them from mud and rocks with mud flaps/splash guards. Let Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. help you install mud flaps in the rear wheels of your trucks. Our great selection of splash guards gives your truck a professional look. It also prevents the damage inflicted as you roll down the road and keep that unsightly dirt spray off your truck, keeping it clean and free of dirt.



      Lightening issues can be daunting and shut down your truck’s ability to operate legally. So, ensuring the marker lights are adequately maintained and repaired is crucial. Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. understand the importance of a properly working lighting system. We offer expert marker light diagnostics and repair services, keeping you on the road without unnecessary downtime. You can count on us for efficient truck lighting repair services.


      Over time, truck headlights burn out, and driving with a burnout headlight impairs the driver’s view. It is paramount to check your truck headlights and make sure the lens cover is clean or not faded. Are your truck headlights aging or burnt out? Schedule a repair service with Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. today. Our expert technicians will replace your truck headlights with the best bulbs and inspect the electrical connections to the headlights.


      Are your truck’s rear lights showing symptoms that could indicate something is wrong? It is crucial to take the time to get it inspected by a professional mechanic to avoid danger when driving at night. Ignoring these malfunctions could lead to dangerous accidents or costly repairs down. At Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc., our team first diagnoses the severity of your truck’s rear light before repairing it. We offer fast and accurate rear light repair services and guarantee satisfaction.


      Is your truck indicator light constantly turned on for no reason? It is best to have it inspected by a specialist before the issue gets worse. Contact Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. to identify and fix the problem. Our customers stay with us for years because no repair center matches our expertise. We will ensure you can hit the road with a well-functioning indicator light.


    Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. help trucking companies install inverters in their trucks. We take pride in serving our customers with excellent, long-lasting services across the United States. You can count on our highly skilled mechanics to handle your truck inverter installation without hassle. Let us keep you up-to-date with your DOT & BIT inspection report.

  • COMPUTER DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES (Freightliner, Volvo & Cummins)


      Truck manufacturers use an intricate computer network responsible for everything from monitoring tire pressure to ensuring fuel economy. Therefore, checking and clearing fault codes is critical to avoid wrong signals and errors. Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. checks and clears fault codes in various makes and models of trucks. We are committed to restoring your trucks in good working order.

    • REGEN

      The truck engine regenerates on long drives due to the engine speed and continuous working. Driving short distances over and over instead of giving your truck the long drive it desires can affect the engine’s ability to regenerate. Do your trucks need engine regen? Reach out to us at Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. We will get everything resolved within minutes.


      Managing trucks requires diligent attention to daily inspections and scheduled maintenance. But engine diagnostics software has made it easy to manage your truck engine and can drastically improve their workflows. Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. provide truck diagnostic services. Let us help you change the speed setting of your trucks to improve efficient driving.


      Trucks are even more complex than regular vehicles, and potential problems are hiding under the hood. But computer diagnostics services help find and fix the truck problem effectively. Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. have all the expertise and equipment to diagnose truck problems digitally. We will disable automatic idle shut-off quickly using digital engine diagnostics.