From Inspection to maintenance, we understand how critical is to have your fleet fully functioning as much as possible. No matter whatever you hauling, Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc can keep your trailer ready for its next load. We offer a wide range of trailer repair services from trailer bodywork, roofs, panels, lift gates, and much more. We have certified mechanics available at all hours of the day to service trailers of makes and models.

Our Trailer Maintenance And Repair Services include:

Dry Van Trailer Maintenance

It is essential to understand that regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your dry van trailer. This can also effectively affect your cost per mile and keep your trailer’s maintenance costs to a minimum. Get your dry van trailers updated and repaired with us and reduce your potentially costly future repairs.

Trailer DOT Inspections

Here at Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc, we are dedicated to your commercial trucks and trailers. Come to us for timely DOT inspections to make sure that your vehicle’s CMV is functional and all the parts and accessories are in working order. We provide a comprehensive exam for assessing the condition of your vehicle and review other credentials.

Trailer Preventive Maintenance

Our efficient and certified team is always ready to perform the regular, seasonal or annual preventive maintenance of your fleet. Our Trailer Preventive Maintenance Program (TPMP) rigorously follows high industrial standards. With our attention to detail, we always exceed your expectations.

Door Replacements

Whether your trailer has a swinging or roll-up door, we can repair or replace it. You can trust our technicians to restore it in a new condition.

Landing Gear Repair

We can be your trusted partner in providing a full range of landing gear repair services. From minor repairs to complete overhauls, our technicians can handle it efficiently.

Roof Repairs

Roof leaks can be a great issue with trailers of all kinds. If your fleet’s roof is not repaired quickly, the damage and expense can add up. That’s professional at Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc are here when you need roof repair of your trailer.

Trailer Batteries Repair

Repairing your trailer batteries keep your lights on and get you going. We repair old batteries and change dead batteries with new ones in order to get your trailer back on road.

Additional Services

  • Side panel Repair
  • Nose Panels Repair
  • Nose Rail Repair
  • Corner Radius Repair
  • Corner Caps Repair
  • Inside Post Repair
  • Reefer Trailer Repair
  • Alternators Repair
  • Starters Repair
  • Water Pumps Repair
  • Thermostats Repair

You can leave the worry behind when you know where you can get your trailer serviced. Contact us!