Tires are the bond between the vehicle and the road surface. While tires are easy to maintain, they are often neglected. Regular tire change and maintenance is crucial to get the most out of them. Our trusted experts will ensure that you have the safest time possible on the road with our quality tire maintenance services. We also have a good stock of truck tires, light truck tires, and trailer tires to fit your needs. Having us by your side, you will have peace of mind.

We provide the following tire services

Wheel Installation

A great drive begins with properly installed tires which help tires to function correctly. At our service center, new and seasonal wheel installations are done by our expert technicians who will help your fleet running on the road smoothly.

Wheel Alignment

Do you experience any unusual vibrations while driving? Does your vehicle pull to the side? If yes, you may need to get your vehicle’s wheels aligned. Driving through bumpy roads or potholes can affect the alignment of your vehicle. But don’t worry as we can get your truck straight with a wheel alignment and to give you a better driving experience.

Wheel Refinishing

Wheel damage can ruin your vehicle’s curb appeal. You can consider replacing the wheels, but it will surely an expensive option. But don’t worry, as with our wheel refinishing system in place, we can repair most of the wheel damages and restore your wheels to a like-new appearance.

Wheel Air Filling

Well inflated tires are important for the better functioning of your fleet. You should check them on regular basis to avoid any discomfort during your journey. For wheel air filling, contact our repair center or directly visit where our expert technicians check and inflate your tires to the required level.

Wheel Straightening

A wheel that is not round can affect your vehicle’s safety. Potholes, curbs, and few other obstacles can cause your wheel to bend and your vehicle starts making abrupt sounds. If left untreated, it can affect the health of your tires, decrease fuel efficiency,and cause alignment issues. The only remedy to this situation is wheel straightening.

We employ safe and effective methods along with premium quality equipment to straighten the bent alloy wheels of your vehicle. In case your bent wheel is repairable, we have the perfect mix of experience and tools to ensure the best possible outcomes at all times.

Wheel Balancing

Right wheel balance on your truck is very crucial. Unbalanced wheels can lead to premature wear of your tires and steering components. All this can seriously affect the overall performance of your heavy-duty vehicle. Our expert mechanics can easily fix the problem while ensuring that your vehicle runs smoothly on road.

Wheel Changing

Need new wheels? Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc has got you covered. Our expert team of certified mechanics can help in the wheel replacement of your fleet using up-to-date technology in no time.