Oil Check Services: Signs Your Truck Engine Need oil Check Services

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Getting your oil changed regularly is vital for the truck engine. Good, clean oil improves truck performance and extends its engine life. So why do many people delay Oil Check Services until there is a visible problem? Many drivers rely on mileage as a gauge for oil change services but, other factors can give you signs you need to change your oil. These include oil quality, truck age, dirty oil, and many more.

Fresh, clean oil optimizes your truck’s functionality by lubricating its engine parts and keeping the engine clean and healthy. Paying attention to your trucks can also prevent engine damage and increase performance. But how do you know when you need an oil change? Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc explain signs you need an oil change.

Oil Check Services


Most trucks require a change of oil after 13,000 to 16,000 miles. But you can check your owner’s handbook for specific guidelines. Prolonged use and long-distance driving at high temperatures degrade oil more quickly. The oil will darken, pick up impurities faster, and lose its ability to lubricate the engine parts. It also allows the truck to use for fuel. Therefore, changing your oil before and after a long trip avoids damage to the engine components and poor fuel economy.


New and clean oil is slightly translucent and often amber in color. Over time and through use, it becomes filled with particles collected from the engine and turns darker. Being vigilant and checking the dipstick often will let you know when the color changes. To achieve this, remove the dipstick and wipe it off before returning it to the oil tank. It is time for an oil change if you pull the dipstick and notice that the oil is dark.


An unpleasant oil smell often signifies an oil leak, overheating, or exhaust is burning away. The oil smell can be hard to detect sometimes because of the gasoline smell. But, either way, you might need to schedule an Oil Check Services immediately to know the cause of the unpleasant smell.


A truck exhaust is often invisible with a slight smell. However, if you notice a blueish smoke coming from your exhaust, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Generally, blue smoke occurs when oil seeps into the engine and burn along with the fuel. Or when there is an external oil leak, and it is dripping onto the exhaust system.

There is a difference between vapor coming from your truck during the cold weather and exhaust smoke. Cold weather vapor is translucent and disperses fast. While exhaust is thicker, blue or grey, and smells like oil. Checking your oil and noticing the exhaust is a great way to diagnose the problem.


Your truck oil change indicator will blink bright red or show up on the low side when you need an oil change. You need to schedule Oil Change Services right away because the prolonged running of your engine without oil can cause an engine seizure or breakdown.


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