Oil Change: How Often Should You Change Truck Oil?

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Knowing the perfect time for an Oil Change in your truck is the key to maintaining your truck and one of the most important components of preserving your truck engine. Keeping your truck engine lubricated will not only clean and protect the engine from corrosion, but also increase its last span. 

How often you should change your truck oil varies from truck to truck and also depends on the miles covered by the driver. Before they need it. While the average interval is between 10,000 to 25,000 miles, it also depends on a few elements. Read on as Premium Truck and Trailer explain how often you should change your truck oil.

Oil Change Interval

The development of technology over the years has allowed drivers with new trucks to travel for more miles before changing their oil when compared to old trucks. Bad driving habits such as frequent harsh acceleration affect how long the engine oil lasts. 

Extreme temperature, sandy environment, and other environmental factors can also affect how frequently you change the oil. Ensuring your truck receives new engine oil at proper intervals helps to avoid mechanical wear and tear on the engine part. 

Skipping an Oil Check might lead to an unexpected breakdown which can take the truck off the road for days or weeks. Regular Oil Check is an investment that ensures your truck engine lasts longer and is always ready to hit the road. The last thing you want to experience is for your truck to break down in the middle of nowhere. 

How To Know You Need An Oil Change

Recognizing when to change your oils is imperative for keeping your truck engine in good condition. Truck manuals often provide specific instructions on when to change the oil.

Other signs that shows you need to change the oil include the following:

Dipstick Shows Degraded Oil 

Always check your oil at each stop along your route. Use a dipstick to know the oil level. You know it’s time to change the oil if the dipstick shows your oil is low. 

Oil Sensor Alert 

The truck oil sensor alert turns on when the truck oil is running low and needs to change. Therefore, always check your oil level as soon as possible whenever your oil sensor turns on. 

Importance Of Changing Your Truck Oil Regularly

Remove Dirt And Debris 

Dirt and debris often accumulate inside the truck engine while driving and they are picked up by oil while moving through the engine. This can damage the truck engine and also lead to corrosion of vital components in the truck. It can also cause a decrease in fuel economy, an important factor when you are on the road. 

Improve Fuel Economy

checking your oil regularly improves fuel economy, helps you drive smoothly, and keeps your truck engine running and healthy. It also ensures smooth operation among other parts of the truck.


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