Tires are critical components in truck functionality. They connect trucks and trailers to the road allowing drivers to steer safely on diverse terrains. Since they play such an essential role in truck operations, it is vital to understand their types and maintenance.

Trucks go where other vehicles cannot, from muddy trails to rugged backroads. Therefore, purchasing the proper type of tire is necessary for hauling freight across the United States. It creates a big difference in how the rig runs, saving your time and money. To drive yours to its full potential, you need the right tires for the job. Premium truck and trailer inc. have made it easier for you by putting together the types of truck tires available and the conditions under which you might want to consider each one.


Selecting a tire with the proper handling capabilities and attributes for your truck and driving needs is crucial. Let us take a closer look at different types of tires.


Tires are responsible for maintaining a firm grip on the road. And without proper traction, your truck is more likely to spin and get stuck in the mud or sand. Tires with reliable traction like max traction tires help you travel over loose gravel, icy roads, and slippery surfaces. They are the best for soft, muddy, or rocky off-road terrain. Although most tires provide road grips, max traction tires are built for it.

Max traction tires come in larger sizes and feature tread lugs that grip loose surfaces, propelling your truck through muddy ruts and over slippery rocks. They also shine brightly when it comes to ground cover capable and bringing practically trucks to a standstill. Do you often drive in inclement weather or occasionally go off-roading? Reach out to premium truck and trailer repair inc. for new tires for trucks. We have new tires for sale at an affordable price.


Do you do most of your driving on the highway or the open road? Highway tires are the best for your trucks. They provide ride comfort, maneuverability, low road noise, and longer mileage. Highway tires enhance the on-road performance of your truck and provide all-season traction in dry, wet, and winter conditions. They also have better gas mileage than other types of tires.


All-terrain truck tires have deeper tread depth, wider grooves, and more extensive tread block elements. These withstand chipping and tearing from the rough road while providing on-road wear and traction characteristics desired by versatile drivers. It also increases truck traction capabilities when driving off-road or on unpaved surfaces.

All-terrain tires are rugged yet versatile, smoothly transitioning from dry highways to snow-dusted roads and wet trails.

Are you looking for tires that can withstand even the harshest road conditions and handle heavy loads? Do you want new tires for trailers with good on-road wear and off-road capability? Premium truck and trailer repair inc. is the best place to buy new tires.


Winter truck tires are built with tread rubber that remains flexible in cold temperatures. They have thousands of biting edges, helping them maintain a good grip on icy roads. They also have full-depth tread designs that channel out sleet and snow to boost traction that help to drive safely in wintry conditions.



Speed rating indicates the maximum speed capability of tires under controlled conditions. But this is not applicable when underinflated, overloaded, worn out, damaged, or altered. Checking the speed rating before purchasing tires is essential for the safety of your truck and drivers.

Driving long distances creates heat, and the tires must prevent heat from building up. Therefore, it is vital to have a tire with a speed rating that meets your truck requirements. Additionally, replace a speed-rated tire with another tire having the same speed rating to avoid speed capacity.


High-quality tires provide excellent rolling resistance, smooth glide, and lesser fuel consumption. Although expensive, you will realize that this helped save a lot of money and time in the long run. High-quality tires are also tough through thousands of miles, saving you the hassle of getting new ones frequently.


Not all tires are made to fit your truck. Putting the wrong size tire on your trucks can lead to imbalance and accidents. Check your owner’s manual or tire placard for the original tire size and purchase the same.


Tires deliver a quiet and comfortable ride with all-year-round performance. Therefore, focus on getting the right tire even if you need to pay more. Purchasing an inexpensive or low-quality tire will create a hurdle for you.

Are you wondering where to buy the right tires for your truck? Premium truck and trailer repair Inc. is the perfect place for you. We are your best plug when looking for all-terrain or max traction tires. Visit us today to get the best truck tire for your truck.


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