Here Are Some Important Trailer Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Trailer Working

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Maintenance Tips

Trailers are the backbone of the logistics industry. They help haul freight interstate, intrastate, and across borders. Nevertheless, they wear out, develop mechanical problems, and break down like other mechanical equipment. Thus, Trailer Repairs Services and maintenance are necessary for the trailers to function effectively.

Preventive maintenance also keeps trailers performing well and looking new. Taking good care of your trailer means choosing the best repair service like Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc to handle repairs.


  • Preventive maintenance service
  • Keep the trailer clean
  • Regular brake inspection
  • Frequent tire inspection


Keeping your trailers well-maintained cannot be over-emphasized to promote efficiency, and preventive maintenance is the best way to keep them functioning perfectly. Transporting heavy freight across countries, states, and bumpy roads puts pressure on the trailer and its system.

 Therefore, it is crucial to detect mechanical problems before they become serious issues for the trailer.

Skipping your maintenance schedule date can lead to poor trailer repair and unforeseen breakdowns and accidents. Preventive maintenance also contributes to the overall good health of your trailer parts and avoids frequent breakdowns. 


Trailers sometimes do unpleasant work, hence need thorough cleaning on a regular basis to maintain their structural integrity and be durable. Leaving your trailers uncleaned for extended periods often results in build-ups of dirt, debris, soluble salts, and many more. Hence, regular cleaning is paramount when nature deposits material on the trailer body or towed through muddy or dusty terrain.

A simple household detergent, water, a hose, bucket, and decent brush are usually all you need for most cleaning tasks. But be careful when using stiff-bristled brushes if you have an enclosed trailer with an automotive finish. Also, be very cautious when using a pressure washer, as it could do more damage than good with a high-pressure spray.

Also, clean the plates, lights, other nooks, and crannies where grime can build up. Rinse off the undercarriage, as it often accumulates road dust which can degrade moving parts of the trailers. 


The braking system controls trailer speed, avoids accidents, and is vital for safe driving. Therefore, they need regular maintenance to prevent problems on the road. They should also be serviced, depending on the trailer usage rate. Test your brakes before each trip and schedule brake inspection services to ensure they are in good working condition.

Ensure the brake fluid is always on the correct level and replace it at least once or twice a year. Lastly, check your air system pressure and release the brake before taking off. These prevent unnecessary wear on the braking system.

Your mechanic will check your brake cables for wear and tear. They will also look for wear on the bearings, brake shoes, drums, pads, and springs. And anything that shows wearing will be replaced to avoid future expenses. Your mechanics will also check for corrosion, wear, stuck parts, and overall functionality.


Keeping your tires functioning well is one of the most crucial trailer maintenance tasks. You achieve this by ensuring tire pressure is within the manufacturer’s specifications to avoid tire wear. Worn tires can be a disaster if they burst at high speed. Therefore, it is better to be safe than experience severe accidents. Also, replace your trailer tires when their life expectancy is over.


While trailers are designed to be tough and handle the elements, maintenance keeps them performing well and extends their lifespan.


Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc provide 24/7 trailer repairs services in the United States. Our highly trained mechanics can handle any trailer repair, maintenance, and inspection services. Let us support your logistics needs by providing trailer maintenance services that ensure your trailer functions effectively on the road.


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