Guidelines for Truck Maintenance from a Trusted Truck Repair Service Company

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Trucks can withstand long journeys, carry heavy freight, and drive on rough roads. However, they need preventive maintenance and truck repair services to keep working. Having a routine increases the lifespan of your trucks. Without them, trucks are more likely to encounter sudden breakdowns and road accidents.

When it comes to proper maintenance, it’s essential to use reliable and reputable truck repair services like Premium Truck and Trailer Inc. Here are some truck maintenance guidelines.

Guideline for truck maintenance


The braking system is the powerhouse of the truck. Trucks are useless without them, and their failure can lead to severe accidents, lawsuits, and damage. All these can be prevented by having regular brake inspections. Checking for wear and tear and replacing them when they reach the minimum wear condition provides better braking performance.


The truck engine consists of moving parts that create friction. Oil lubricates the components to avoid excess friction and heat. The accumulation of dirt and debris causes corrosion and decreases engine efficiency.

An oil change helps the engine run efficiently. Changing the oil filter removes dirt, dust, and debris that affects its functionality. Do you want to know how frequently your filters and oil need to be changed?

Visit Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc to get all the answers to your questions.


An improperly inflated or aligned tire causes an uneven tire. Checking your tire condition and tread depth avoids bursting on the highway, causing delay and danger. External factors such as weather and road conditions also cause tire misalignment, leading to poor steer control or overburdened suspension. Preventive maintenance services ensure the tires wear evenly and enable them to detect every other issue before it gets worse.


The electrical systems are essential for engine start. They also provide power that keeps the truck running. Inspect the component before each trip to ensure the wires are not loose and show any signs of tear. Maintenance services also help notice burnt-out bulbs and replace them before hitting the road. The electrical system is part of the truck mechanism, so it is advisable to address these problems as soon as possible.


Truck parts experience wear and tear over time, and it’s natural. But driving with a worn-out part could sabotage the whole operation. Relacing every damaged part keeps your truck in good working condition and improves productivity.


Truck maintenance serves as a preventive measure that guarantees the safety of trucks, drivers, and other road users. It also ensures your trucks run more reliably and are less susceptible to breakdown.

Preventive maintenance is key to identifying issues and saving you money. Schedule truck repair service with Premium Truck and Trailer Repair Inc today. We will inspect, diagnose, and repair any damaged part before it becomes a problem.


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