Dry van trailer is one of the most common and sought-after modes of freight transportation. They have high availability, are versatile, and are easy to secure. Their enclosed and secured space protects freight from the sun, rain, snow, and other elements. They are used for intrastate, interstate, and international shipment of non-perishable items, making them large enough for many businesses’ needs. Dry van trailers are also commonly used for transporting materials that can be easily damaged when exposed to weather or temperature changes. These include food textiles, clothing items, plastic, building products, and many more. But they are also susceptible to damage. For example, a leaking roof can cause freight damage. Therefore, trucking companies must inspect their dry van before shipments and schedule a dry van trailer roof repair to keep the trailer in good condition. Continue reading as Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc take us through the benefits of using a dry van trailer for your freight shipment.

Dry Van Trailer


Dry vans trailers offer a great deal of protection and are exceptional compared to other types of trailers. The main reason for this is the protection against theft. Shipments are protected from theft with a locked container while en-route to their destination, unlike flat deck truck that leaves your item exposed and easily accessible. These give companies rest of mind knowing their shipment is protected and their delivery will arrive safe and sound. Security seals are also used to lock the trailer for an added layer of protection. These alert the receiver if the freight has potentially been tampered with.


Dry van trailer freight shipments are readily available and do not require special shipping operations. These make them one of the most affordable shipping options in the United States and Canada. Dry vans are also the best for intrastate, interstate, and international freight shipment, making them a cost-effective shipping option.


A dry van trailer provides an enclosed container for storing freight while on transit. Having this 4-sided barrier gives superior protection of the freights from external components. These include rain, wind, sunlight, snow, sand, and other hazards. When freights are hauled interstate, they travel through multiple highways, mountains, and prairies that can make them face the things mother nature has to offer. Using a dry van trailer to transport your freight across these areas protect them and ensures safe delivery.


Dry vans trailers are very versatile and work best for transporting goods that do not require temperature-controlled features. These include clothing, apparel, house furniture, electronics, and non-perishables. They are also the most produced trailer, making them the most accessible trailer type. Many trucking companies have collections of dry vans that make transporting freight easy and safe. Looking at several dry vans, manufacturers are also focusing on the production of dry vans. And according to reports, dry van trailers are manufactured in higher quantities when compared to others.


Dry van trailer roof repair   

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Dry van trailer roof repair

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