Battery Change: Signs That Indicate Your Truck Needs A Battery Change

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Your truck battery manages a massive range of tasks and devices. Not only is a battery essential for starting the truck engine, but it also powers its electrical components. Without a fully functioning battery, your trucks are useless to you.

Apart from changing your oil, replacing air filters, and other crucial tasks, taking care of your truck battery is one of the most effective ways to ensure your truck runs smoothly on the road. But many people do not pay so much attention to their truck battery and often forget it is one of the essential parts of the vehicle.

According to reports, flat and damaged batteries are the top causes of roadside assistance calls and truck breakdowns. Read on as Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc will break down the warning signs that indicate your truck needs a battery change.

Battery Change

Battery Age

Trucking batteries can last for more than five years when properly maintained. But most batteries will become weak within three years of everyday use in normal conditions. Also, the truck battery becomes less efficient and deteriorates when charged.

Most truck batteries are often completely unreliable after four or five years. Therefore, it is often advisable to have an old battery removal after three years. Also, damaged or inefficient batteries can present several safety and reliability issues.

Electrical Issues

Your truck can still start quickly with a failing battery. However, its electrical components need to be powered and may not function as well as they should. These include headlights, switches, ignition, alternators, air condition, and many more.

If your truck headlights look overly dim when you start your truck, you need to change your truck battery. Another great way to know if your battery is failing is by checking the ignition. When you push your truck’s ignition switch or key, and it refuses to start. These are indications that the battery is faulty and needs a battery change.

Corroded Connectors

Do you notice a white or ashy substance on the metal parts of your truck battery? If yes, it’s an indication the battery has a corrosion issue. Corroded terminals on the top of the battery can lead to voltage issues and prevent your truck from starting. You need to change the battery or contact professional truck repair services like Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc for help.

Improper Maintenance

Driving recklessly and improper maintenance will aggressively wear down truck tires, brakes and will reduce its battery lifespan. Truck drivers must maintain good driving conditions. Trucking companies also need to schedule a battery check with a professional truck repair service to save the battery.

These will prevent accidents and avoid truck breakdowns that can delay delivery and affect the company’s reputation. Do you want to extend your battery lifespan? Here are tips to extend its functional lifespan beyond the standard three-year mark:

  • Service your truck frequently to prevent an inefficient engine and other components from straining the battery
  • Always off your lights or air conditioning when the truck is not working.

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