Battery Change: How To Discover You Need A Battery Change?

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Trucking batteries do not last forever, and you will need a battery inspection or battery change sooner or later. Find out what you can expect from your battery and signs to look out for that indicate it’s time for a battery change from Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc.

Battery ChangeThe Importance Of Battery Change

The lifespan of a truck battery is often mysterious and misunderstood. Batteries are the lifeblood of your truck and the only integral for starting your engine. Batteries also power the electrical components of your trucks. While some batteries show clues of battery failure, others do not.

Batteries do not last forever but, mishandling can reduce their lifespan. Batteries will last between three and five years, and it does not matter whether your truck is packed all year or driving it every day. Continuous usage after five years could cause it to fail without notice. And, many manufacturers recommend a battery change after five years.

Therefore, trucking companies should schedule battery inspections after three years of usage. Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc can inspect your truck battery and other electrical components to ensure they are in good condition.

Why Do Truck Batteries Fail?

Slow Discharge And Recharge

Truck batteries can slowly discharge when unused. These can lead to parasitic drain, stealing voltage, and a longer time to create a charge. You’ll have to wait for extra seconds before the engine starts. When these happen over time, the battery loses the ability to recharge faster.

More so, trucking batteries can wear out and become less effective over time. These also lead to the inability to maintain a charge, especially in frigid temperatures, where an engine needs more amperage.

Structural Failure

Trucking batteries experience rapid temperature changes inside an engine compartment. Or from a hot summer day to freezing temperatures in the winter. These cause internal structural failure, often labeled a dead cell. Failure can also be due to a loss of electrolytes, which causes one of the grids, or cells, to become exposed to the air.

How To Prevent Battery Failure

Avoid Corrosion

Corroded terminals on the top of the battery can lead to voltage issues and trouble starting your truck. Checking the battery terminals for corrosion and keeping the clamps clean can help prevent battery failure. Also, battery corrosion washers or dielectric grease will help keep it at bay.

Do you notice an ashy substance on the metal parts of your battery? Schedule a battery inspection and battery change services from Premium Truck And Trailer Repair Inc today to solve your corrosion issue.

TIME Increase Driving Time

Driving short distances is one of the things that kill the battery. The alternator needs time to recharge the battery, and lots of starts and stops don’t give the batteries time to charge fully.

Avoid Battery Drain

Many people use MP3 players, smartphones, and onboard computers when driving. These often drain the truck battery. Therefore, re-evaluate what you need and how often you use your truck batteries.


Battery change   

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Battery change

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