Adding Balance To Your Driving With Truck And Trailer Tire Services

Tires are critical components that connect trucks and trailers to the road and allow drivers to steer safely. They also function efficiently and effectively when their wheels are well-balanced. An unbalanced wheel leads to disorientation, shaking, uneven and continuous wear. Therefore, drivers must understand how to maintain the tires. The best way to do that is by scheduling truck and trailer tire services. After all, nobody wants an unbalanced truck going haywire on the roads. Keep reading to learn more about helpful maintenance tips for your tires.

  • Install the right tires
  • Wheel installation services
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Keep the tires inflated
  • Tire inspection


Tire selection is the foundation of its performance, efficiency, and longevity. Choosing the right tire saves you a lot of stress and sudden breakdown. It also avoids wheel unbalancing and accidents. Hence, it is essential to consider the proper tire size, load-carrying capacity, route, and service type when choosing tires for your truck and trailers.


Properly installed wheels help tires to function correctly and avoid uneven wear. It also resolves issues of decreased mileage, wobbling, and steering vibrations. Choose premium truck and trailer repair inc for your professional wheel installation services.


Tire inflation is a critical aspect of tire maintenance that ensures even weight distribution across tire contact patches. These maximize treadwear life and fuel efficiency. Improperly inflated tires lead to downtime and damaged tire casings. Thus, always check your tire’s inflation and use a calibrated tire pressure gauge at each wheel position when checking tire inflation.


Preventative maintenance service significantly reduces tire-related breakdowns and avoids future costly repairs. Sudden breakdown disrupts your operations, costs extra, and causes potential danger to your driver and other vehicles nearby. At Premium truck and trailer repair inc, our mechanics will inspect and repair every damaged part of your tires.


Inspecting your tires before hitting the road is helpful to identify irregular wear issues, low tread depth, flat-spotting, cuts, cracks, bulges, and road-related damage. It also helps address any issues while ensuring the safety and performance of the tires over time.

Having the right repair services when you experience tire problems is paramount. Premium truck and trailer repair inc are here to help. We offer comprehensive truck and trailer repair services, wheel installation, and more. We are what you need for all your tire repairs services


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